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About Us


Founded in 2004, Fine Finish Auto Detailing  is located in the heart of downtown Toronto at 35 Church Street (just north of the Church and Front Street intersection - under Metro).


Fine Finish Auto specializes in providing superior full service automobile detailing to a discerning clientele. All services are performed thoroughly and carefully by hand...hand wash, soft cloth waxing and buffing, auto interior cleaning, carpet shampooing, salt removal as well as a  variety of vehicle detailing packages.  

Fine Finish is known for  personalized service  and is customer orientated with high quality workmanship. With quality service and quality staff we have successfully  maintained  loyal repeat customers over the past several years. We would like to thank all our existing customers  for your ongoing support - in particular customers from Metro, RBC and our neighbourhood community. 


Our location is loved for its convenience and "one-stop-shop" appeal - we'll pamper your car while you spend the day at work,  in a business meeting , shopping or simply enjoying the neighbourhood.


We educate our customers on the importance of maintaining their car on a monthly basis -  regular cleaning is an investment and saves you thousands of dollars that would otherwise be used to purchase a new car!! As we all know - clean, detailed cars always drive much better!! 


Friendly, efficienct and professional - our small team of dedicated detailers strive to provide exceptional customer service. 


Park your car and enjoy the vibrant St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood  while our team treats your car to the luxury that it deserves.



  • Our trained staff detail customer cars with the greatest care possible. However, if any mechanical or electrical/electronic components fail for no reason while at our shop, FINEFINISH AUTO  will not accept any responsibility to make repairs. Examples of such failures could be windows or doors malfunctions, cars not starting, convertible roofs not working, seats locking up, electrical or screen displays failing etc.

  • On check-in, we ask our customers to identify and point out, before we start detailing, any components or parts already broken or in a condition about to fail. Extra care will then be taken during the cleaning process in these areas.

  • In any case, FINEFINISH AUTO will not be responsible to repair near failing parts that may tear, break, or come loose in the cleaning process.

  • Customers are requested to clear their personal items from their vehicle before appointments. FINEFINISH AUTO will not be held responsible for any lost items. There may be an extra charge of $25 to remove and repack owner items left in the car.

  • Glove box interiors will not be cleaned and Owner contents in glove boxes will not be disturbed.

  • Child car seat(s) should be removed prior to the appointment If you wish the seat cleaned under the child seat. We are not experts in re-installing child seats to meet specifications.

  • FINEFINISH AUTO is not responsible for any paint damages during the polishing/waxing or external detailing process that may occur on painted surfaces that are aging, that are of inadequate cover/design or have started to lift or crack off the surface.


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